The figure from the Greek mythology is well know. Reflection as the object of love is one of the main aspect of this photo series. Based on this, the concept was developed to emphasise to demonstrate the act of being reflected. The main question was how much physical effort needs to be done to create the reflection of a person, and is this process can be done with an artistic and conceptual approach.

The intention was to capture a process, that has a retroactive visual effect on the person who is the causing person and the subject in once, thereby a new visual perspective is created to elevate the concept to a different level of understanding.

The photo series contains 3 image pairs that shows certain moments from a sequence of movements, performed by a dancer. One movement at the beginning of the sequence, one in the middle and one in the end. During the improvised dance movements the dancer started to sweat, which was dropped onto the matte surface of the wooden chair. The more he sweated, the more the matte surface become shiny and reflective. By the act of the performance was going on the patch of sweat became significant enough, which through the dancer’s face revealed in. The image pairs were shot with two cameras in the same moment, using different camera settings and composition.


Photo: András Dobi Concept: András Dobi, Gustavo Gomes Dance: Gustavo Gomes Design: András Dobi