The present is capsulated and becomes the visual imprint of the past. That is one of the essences of photography. A photograph that has been taken in the past can be the reference of the same subject in the present. This is only possible because of the documentary nature of the medium.

In this art project, I apply this phenomenon to record the visual transformation of a modified subtractive process caused by physical impact on various Polaroid colour film sheets.

Photoreographia is an act of artistic merger. A particular choreography that was designed for this occasion is captured to become a unique image. It depicts the choreography with all the artistic choices embedded. Many photographers have photographed dancers using certain photography techniques to demonstrate the beauty of a movement performed by a dancer. Some of them stand for excellent artistic and technical quality, but none of them have been designed as a complex fusion of choreographic and photographic art so far. According to our research, no one in art history has ever tried to execute what Photoreographia is about. The potential of this art project is beyond imagination. Therefore, András Dobi will dedicate the next few years exploring what Photoreographia can offer to us.
Variation on the represented
The 24th Collective is a project led by photographer András Dobi and choreographer Gustavo Gomes. The duo aim to create a performance format where photography and performance dialogue. This exchange between visual arts and performance create a series of works that shows the body transforming while eternalising it by the pictures.
For the book performance Variation on the represented, the duo created a performance format where the audience is handed photo triggers where they can take photos of the dancers during the entire performance. This staged transformation was later on published as a book. The experience of the performers, the choreographic scores and rehearsal photos are also included in the book as traces of the process, validating it as not only part of the process, but the work itself.
Grey measures
In this long-term art project, photo series were set as the artists´ objective, a series in which the relationship between the nature of photography, that is being momentary and the constant change through progression of time could be investigated through various planned and set sequences of the action of taking the photo. Searching a new format in which, through time, the viewer can be experience in a more abstract artistic representation of the captured subject.
The figure from the Greek mythology is well know. Reflection as the object of love is one of the main aspect of this photo series. Based on this, the concept was developed to emphasise to demonstrate the act of being reflected. The main question was how much physical effort needs to be done to create the reflection of a person, and is this process can be done with an artistic and conceptual approach.