Fine art photo series by András Dobi
Fine art photo series by András Dobi
Fine art photo series by András Dobi
Fine art photo series by András Dobi


The art project titled Photoreographia is the realization of the photographic concept, that is based on the act of resolving the contradiction between dance (a movement through time), and photography (the imprint of a moment).

It is an act of merge, where a particular choreography, that was choreographed for this occasion is captured into a unique image which reflects both the choreographers and photographers artistic choices.

Over the last few years, technology has become advanced enough to let us take this contradiction and turn it into a crossover project between dance and photography.

After some weeks of thinking, I decided to take photographs from the perspective above the stage. This allowed me to use different blending techniques to merge dozens of differently exposed pictures to create the final image, which shows the path of the choreography, as well as some of the stationary moments. This way, the viewer can pick up a starting point on the final image and follow the choreography, or simply see it as one single image.

I named this project Photoreographia.

This collaboration gives us a great opportunity to challenge ourselves in the different aspects of our own artistic fields and to combine them into a new form of experience. A photographer, a choreographer, and a dancer have to work closely together to achieve this specific task, something that was probably never attempted before.

I asked the ballet director of the Mecklenburgisches Staatstheater, Jutta Ebnother, to create a choreography dedicated to this project. She was my director back in the day when I was still dancing, so I knew she would be interested in such a project.

For Photoreography to be successful, the choreography had to be adapted to the given criteria. Several choreographic elements, such as the perspective, the path of the dancer, and the speed of the movements had to be modified.

All in all, we can say that this project rewrites some of the rules of stage choreography, and not just because it is not performed directly to an audience, but because the form of presentation is unusual.

Photoreographia is an ongoing art project, for the sake of exploring new forms of it and also improving it’s creation process. Most recently I had a chance to collaborate on Photoreographia with Iván Pérez in Theater und Orchester Heidelberg and Stephan Thoss in Nationaltheater Mannheim.

Recent publications:

November 2020 tanz Magazine 


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