Variation on the represented

Taking the premisses of capturing movement through photography, the performance-book Variation on the represented by András Dobi and Gustavo Gomes focus itself on the experience of  the performative act of dancing and the people that carry it in their bodies. Taking in consideration their craftsmanship as well as their journey towards it. 

In May 2021, two performers were invited to share their experiences of theatre and their studies of significant form through dancing in a performance process. The aim of the process was to investigate questions such as how art can be seen as life redoubled in space and time, how artists undergo personal transformations in order to become vessels of representation, and how the artist imbues pure movement with meaning, if at all.

How can the living body become adequate to an idea? How can an idea properly represent a material thing? How can the subject become adequate to its own body as it exists in time and space? Is art up to the task of generating answers to these questions?

In this performance-book lies the traces left by the process and features it as a work on its own. An array of photographs, rehearsal notations, and scattered fragments of prose — husks of the activity which generated them.

The chapters were arranged dramaturgically as a theatre piece so the reader can experience the original meaning of choreography, the “khoreia” = dance, and the“graphein” = to write. Based on that, Variation on the represented proposes how can choreography shape and reshape itself using the bodies of two performers and validating their experiences as they morph into different versions of who they are and who they want to (re)present.

András Dobi
András Dobi
András Dobi
András Dobi
András Dobi

The book

Material           130g Arctic Volume High White, 300g Munken Lynx, Softcover

Pages              256

Height (cm)      26

Width (cm)       21 

Depth (cm)      3

The limited edition photo collection

Material           Photo print on dibond with laminate

Edition              10

Collection         10

Height (cm)      120

Width (cm)       80 


by András Dobi
by András Dobi
Photo by András Dobi
András Dobi
András Dobi
András Dobi

Variation on the represented by Gustavo Gomes and András Dobi
concept and art direction András Dobi and Gustavo Gomes
photography András Dobi
choreography Gustavo Gomes
performers Christine Ceconello and Joao Pedro de Paula
text on Variation VII and introduction Evan Supple
text on Variation IX Gustavo Gomes
music Ulysse Zangs

management Caroline Skibiski
printing Albe De Coker, Antwerpgraphic

design Joris Dockx

special thanks to

Ballet of Difference – Richard Siegal, Schauspiel Köln
Caroline Skibinski
Madeleine Paré

Supported by the NATIONAL PERFORMANCE NETWORK – STEPPING OUT, funded by the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and Media within the framework of the initiative NEUSTART KULTUR. Assistance Program for Dance